Our Residential Philosophy

 A green home  is a home that uses less energy, less water, fewer natural resources, creates less waste, and is healthier for the people living there compared to a standard home.  It’s as simple as that.

A home can  be built to be green, but in most cases this is not an option.  Creating  a green home begins with an energy use makeover.  This can be done all  at once, or it can be a gradual process, but what it ultimately comes  down to is a new way of thinking—and a new way of living.​ 

 Making your home a greener place is a commitment to yourself, your family, your community, and the planet.  It is also a learning process.  As exciting  new technologies, products, and scientific breakthroughs emerge, staying  educated on the “how’s and why’s” of maintaining or upgrading your green home is the best way for you to ensure your efforts are as effective, economical, and beneficial as possible.

As Your Energy  Pros, our focus is on your home’s distinct energy footprint.  As  experienced engineers in the energy industry, we stay current on all new  technology developments, evaluate the ones we believe save energy and  deliver value, and present those products and services to our clients.   Most importantly, we consider whether these technologies will work together in your home as an integrated system.  At the heart of any green home is energy efficiency.  When it comes to your home’s comfort, smart possibilities start with one simple ingredient; the right information.  As a homeowner, you want to be sure the upgrades you make are right for you, your home, your family, and your lifestyle.

Our Home Energy Audit Program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and insights necessary to make the best energy-saving choices for your home and budget.  At no cost to you, we will perform a visual inspection  of your home. We will inventory all energy consuming devices as well as  areas of energy loss in the structure to determine your homes overall energy efficiency.  We will provide a series of recommendations that will show you how to make your home bright and comfortable throughout the year while drastically reducing or even eliminating your utility bill.  We will also offer recommendations on products to reduce your water usage in landscaping applications, saving on your water bill.  Finally, we will offer recommendations on products that will help you  achieve a smart home. 

Are you ready to take the next step? We are here to help you.