Achieving Energy Independence
- one property at a time -

Rely on our team of experts to help you achieve this goal

Achieving Energy Independence
- one property at a time -

Rely on our team of experts to help you achieve this goal



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About Us

Our Vision

Creating sustainable energy abundance to enhance our client’s well-being 

Our Mission

Accelerating our client’s transition to sustainable energy through effectively applying technologies, products and services to reduce their energy footprint. 

Our Company

As advocates  for energy independence, Your Energy Pros are committed to helping  homeowners and businesses reduce and where possible, eliminate their electricity bills. Our team of seasoned engineers, with a combined 60+ years of experience in the field of energy conservation and generation, operate from a technology and company neutral position.  This allows us  the freedom to provide unbiased recommendations on energy savings that are in our client’s best interest. Through our energy audit process, we identify areas where energy is being wasted and  provide our clients with cost effective solutions. Once our clients move forward with our recommendations, we provide a turnkey service, managing the entire process for them to ensure their peace of mind and confidence. 

Our Services


As Your Energy Pros, we go beyond just lowering your energy bills. Our commitment is to inform and educate you on effective ways to create a healthier and more energy efficient home. or business property

We will advise you about products, technologies and services provided by companies that we recommend, both for their technical expertise and because we know their products and services will complement one another and work efficiently together.

Our goal is to help you take control of your energy costs. Your benefits from working with us as your energy partner include:

Lower Energy Bills / Added Comfort Throughout / Eco-Friendly Home or Business Property / Lower Transportation Costs​


Step 1: The Phone Call

 We will ask you a series of brief questions about your home or business property, your current energy usage, your future plans as they relate to energy use, and what your expectations are for achieving a greener, smarter, and more energy efficient environment.  If you are interested in exploring your options, we will then schedule a site visit with you. 


Step 2: The Site Visit

During  the site visit, we will perform a walk-through of your home or business property in order to identify energy saving opportunities that are most appropriate for lowering your energy use.  We will evaluate your mechanical appliances and systems for energy efficiency, and determine available sun access, roof structure, attic and wall insulation, and current electrical system. 


Step 3: Our Energy Recommendations

The information we gather during the site visit will be used to create your current energy use profile. It will then enable us to make recommendations for ways you can save money and resources.  As we are technology, product and service provider neutral, we have the freedom to recommend the best energy saving solutions for your particular application.  Finally, we will create an updated energy use profile that will allow us to complete a detailed solar system design that will be the project guide for vendors. 


Step 4: Project Management

Once you have decided to move forward with us and implement our recommendations, we project manage the entire process. We represent you and not the selected vendors. As your personal engineering project managers, we ensure that the system design, equipment used and work performed meet with our exacting standards. We deal with the problems and headaches allowing you to enjoy and appreciate the whole process. From roofing, HVAC, water heater systems, generators, electric vehicles, roof/ground mount/car port solar systems and structures, pool thermal, even utility level systems, we do it all. And once the project is complete, we remain in contact, providing you with on-going technology and product resources, assistance and support.

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