Stephen Luck

Principal Client Liaison and Project Manager


Biography: Throughout his 30 year career, Mr. Luck has gained considerable insight and experience into product and project development, with particular focus on assisting companies with their commercialization of innovative  technologies.  He is experienced in strategic and financial planning  across a wide range of business sectors, including renewable energy and alternative fuels. 

With a  passion for renewable energy resources, Mr. Luck has spent the last 15  years consulting on a number of energy programs including an ambitious Coal to Liquid Fuel project, and a distributed renewable resource power  generation program called  Solar Route 66.  He additionally worked with a renewable energy company supporting  their development programs designed to integrate solar and fuel cell  technologies into commercial buildings, non-profit institutions and residences.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Luck worked with an  inventor of a diverse portfolio of renewable energy products,  identifying critical elements in the product supply chain as well as  developing marketing programs and materials used in raising corporate  financing. He has supported real estate development projects, from strip  malls to large resort projects, with a special focus on the integration of appropriate renewable energy technologies.

Educated in London  England and trained in advanced mechanical engineering, Mr. Luck began his professional career working with Rolls Royce in the aero engine  division. As a relentless innovator, he designed, developed, produced  and patented a hand-assist wrench to support people with arthritis.   Following a move to the U.S., he worked with an irrigation company to  support the installation of specialized solar powered irrigation control  systems for commercial, municipal and residential clients. He assisted  the inventor of a unique "super high efficiency" electric motor by  developing test and demonstration procedures, marketing and presentation  materials, and supported the inventor’s efforts in securing patent protection.

Today, Mr. Luck’s passion for innovation and  alternative energy solutions are directly focused on helping people  realize homes that are greener, smarter and more energy efficient  encouraging, where possible, achieving energy independence.