Jonathan Luck

Principal Technology and Energy Analyst


Biography: For the last 20 years, Mr. Luck has been involved in solar energy  harvesting and storage.  He is experienced in many different solar  technologies including; solar cell design, solar peak-power tracking,  solar shading mitigation techniques, and the interpretation of world  insolation (light) levels. He pioneered the first use of a solar energy harvesting systems for the U. S. Department of Defense using high efficiency solar cells and ultra-capacitor storage arrays.  

Mr. Luck has authored several patents involved with ultra-low power circuit design, solar energy storage and management systems and wildfire detection systems.  He continues to keep current on the latest developments in solar cell  technologies as well as on lithium battery and kinetic energy storage system developments. 


Mr. Luck’s extensive engineering experience  has trained him to be an analytical, insightful, and a  highly-disciplined solutions architect and problem solver. Throughout  his executive career, he has successfully applied the principles of preventative maintenance, proactive problem solving, staff development, and business administration to real-life corporate issues. This breadth of expertise covers a wide range of responsibilities, providing him with  insights into the total operation.  


He graduated from Reading  University in the U.K. with a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Cybernetics, Instrument Physics and Advanced Mathematics.  He was certified in the Principals of Market Research at the University of Westminster (formerly the Polytechnic of Central London) following a one year program.


Mr. Luck is committed to what he believes in and runs an all-electric smart home that incorporates one of the latest generation 10 KW solar arrays, a tankless water heater system and high  efficiency LED lighting throughout. Both of his family cars are electric vehicles. Climate control is managed by zoned smart thermostats,  and air quality is managed by several internet connected smoke and  carbon monoxide sensors throughout the home. Yard vegetation watering is  managed by smart, internet connected irrigation controllers that adjust  watering schedules based on local weather station data around the  county. He monitors and controls all of this technology 24/7 from his  smart phone.  

Apart from technology, his passions range from  continually renovating his mid-century modern home, home theater design, smart home implementation, water-wise landscaping, on and off grid solar solutions, electric vehicles, reading, equestrian videography and saving rescue animals.